GOV2 was created by Lloyd Hardy in response to the inequality, political corruption, racism and xenophobia we witness in our society today. It is a bid to unite all stakeholders who oppose the damage that the Conservative Party have imposed on our economy with Brexit and negligence which has led to thousands of unnecessary deaths from Covid-19.

Saddened by scenes of the Prime Minister lying to Parliament repeatedly and the Conservative Leader of the House of Commons attacking UNICEF to lobby to leave schoolchildren hungry in the face of 95% public support for #FreeSchoolMeals, it became obvious to Lloyd that democracy had been eroded and strategic action was needed.

Seeking to end the use of propaganda techniques that have been used to divide opposition voters and parties since 2016, Lloyd began building the GOV2 platform bring us all together to restore Truth an Democracy and the Nolan Principles to the UK Government and seek justice for those who have lost loved ones to Tory callousness in the Covid-19 pandemic.

It's time for GOV2.

Twitter: @lloydhardy